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Barkham Blue Cheese

Barkham Blue

Milk: Pasteurised Cows' Milk
Origin: Berkshire, England
Style: Blue
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable During Pregnancy: No
Organic: No
Barkham Blue is handmade by the artisan cheese makers, Sandy and Andy Rose of 'Two Hoots Cheese' in Berkshire.  Barkham Blue is a unique artisan blue, which has a very distinctive appearance.  The mould ripened cheese is ammonite in shape and covered in an attractive, natural, rustic rind.  The deep yellow interior is riddled with dark blue green veins.
It has a delicious unique flavour, due to the rich Channel Island milk that it's made from.  When mature it becomes very soft and buttery, which melts in the mouth and does not leave the harsh metallic taste, sometimes associated with blue cheese.

2019 World Cheese Awards: Super Gold; 2 Golds; Bronze
2019 Great Taste Award - 2 Stars
2019 British Cheese Awards: Gold