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Gizella Pince Tokaj Szamorodni Sweet Dessert Wine 2017 (Hungary)

Gizella Pince Tokaj Szamorodni Sweet Dessert Wine 2017 (Hungary)

Deep tropical fruit notes with hints of honey. This wine is refreshing with great balance of acidity.  Huge ageing potential.

ABV: 10%
Grape Variety: 50% Furmint; Harslevelu 50%
Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians: No
Food Pairing: Fruit cake, blue cheese salads, apricot tart

Gizella Szamorodni takes advantage of the region’s unique, traditional and natural way of making sweet wine with the help of botrytis. The berries are attacked by the fungus so they lose water and become dehydrated. It means high sugar but also high concentrations of acid and aromas are being concentrated. Only 1 barrel is produced, which was aged for 6 months and bottled on the 3rd May. Total production is only 506 bottles.

Built on the soil of volcanoes that lived thousands of years ago, in perhaps the most remarkable region in Eastern Europe, sits Gizella in Tokaj, Hungary. With Hungarian wines on the up in recent years, no one sums up the excitement of the country more than László Szilágyi and his winemaking family. With their products enjoying so much popularity in the trade and press recently, you can’t hang around with these wines!

Gizella winery was established by the grandparents of current winemaker László Szilágyi and got it’s name from his grandma.  He took over in 2005 after finishing school. They started with 1 hectare, but this has now increased to 15.  The winery is based in Tokaj city.  Their goal is to make the highest quality wines possible. Tokaj has great volcanic soil and grape varieties that can offer unique terroir wines.