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Golden Cross Goat's Cheese

Golden Cross Goat's Cheese

Golden Cross Goat’s Cheese:

Milk: Unpasteurised Goat's Milk
Origin: East Sussex, England
Style: Soft
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable During Pregnancy: No
Organic: No


Golden Cross is a vegetarian, soft, log-shaped cheese made by Kevin and Alison Blunt at their farm at Whitesmith, East Sussex. The inspiration for the name came from a cross on the roof of a local village pub. It has a dense, silky texture, which makes it excellent for grilling, as well as general eating. The cheese ranges in flavour from subtle, floral, and grassy to more complex and intense as it becomes denser, creamier and full-flavoured with maturity. Each log is lightly charcoaled before the bloomy white rind develops. Try the cheese with a glass of sparkling wine...delicous!