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Hard cheese board set UK
cheese board set UK

Hard Cheese Board Set

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Hard Cheese Board Set

Our hard cheese board set is a selection of 4 classic hard cheeses that will make a delicious cheese board or picnic.

The hard cheese board is suitable for up to 8 people as a dessert course, or 4 people as the main event.

Individual cheeses are wrapped in wax paper & packed in a kraft box with tasting notes.


Quicke's Clothbound Mature Cheddar (Cow) 200g
One of the iconic British cheddars and the winner of many awards.  It is a rich and buttery cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavour.

Kaltbach Alpine (Cow) 200g
A delicious Swiss mountain cheese.  Melt-in-the-mouth creaminess, which is due to the addition of an extra portion of cream. It has a wonderful, flavoursome, nutty, caramel taste.

Old Winchester (Cow) 200g
A mature Gouda-style cheese with a characteristic nutty flavour.

Rothbury Red (Cow) 200g
An authentic red Leicester – bright and orangy-red in colour, sweet and tangy in flavour.


Peter's Yard Original Crispbread 105g

The Perfect Cheese Board 

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