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Ossau Iraty

Ossau Iraty

Milk: Pasteurised Sheeps' Milk
Origin: Basque Region, France
Style: Semi-Hard
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable During Pregnancy: Yes
Organic: No

Ossau Iraty (pronounced Oss-so Ear-Ah-tee) is not particularly well-known, but this amazing cheese French Cheese from the Basque Region is growing in popularity.  It is thought to be one of the first cheeses to be made in Europe and possibly dates back as far as 3,000 BC.

It is named after two beautiful regions in the south-western Pyrenees mountains: Ossau is located in the valley in the Béarn region and Iraty in the Pays du Basque.

This delicious cheese is made from the milk of the 'brebis' sheep that graze in the valleys of Ossau and Iraty.  It is aged for approximately 8 months.  It can have a pungent, gamey aroma, but has a creamy flavour and texture that melts in your mouth.  It has a slightly oily texture, with a savoury but sweet, nutty flavour, with hints of figs, hazelnuts and olives.

2018 World Cheese Awards: Super Gold Medal

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