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British Cheese Board Set

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British Cheese Board Set

Our British Cheese board Set has a selection of cheeses featuring some of our fantastic British artisan cheeses.  We've included an iconic farmhouse cheddar, one of the best blue stiltons, a lovely fresh sheep's cheese & a washed rind cheese. 

Our British cheese board set is suitable for up to 8 people as a dessert course, or 4 people as the main event.

Individual cheeses are wrapped in wax paper & packed in a kraft box with tasting notes.


Inglewhite Extra Mature Cheddar (Cow) 200g
A deliciously tangy farmhouse-style cheddar cheese.  

Colston Bassett Stilton (Cow) 200g 
Often considered to be the best Stilton.  Creamy, luscious and full bodied. 

Merry Wyfe (Cow) 200g 
An award-winning washed-rind cheese made with the famous Wyfe of Bath curds.  However, unlike the Wyfe of Bath cheese, the curds are pressed to remove moisture and create a more dense texture.  

Pavé Cobble (Sheep) 180g 
A wonderful example of a soft sheeps’ cheese.  Notes of sweet cream emerge, followed by nutty flavours and a slight lanolin gaminess that deepens the complexity as the cheese ages.

Cheese Accompaniments:

Peter's Yard Original Crispbread 105g

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