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European 5 cheese taster set UK
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European 5 Cheese Taster Set

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European 5 Cheese Taster Set

Our European 5 cheese taster set is perfect if you want to discover some of the most iconic European cheeses. The set contains 5 different styles of cheese, from France, Germany, Spain & Italy.  We’ve also included some delicious sourdough crackers for you to enjoy with the cheeses.

Individual cheeses are wrapped in wax paper & packed in a kraft box with tasting notes.


Comté AOC Petit Fort (Cow) 150g
Arguably the most amazing cheese in the world.  A total of 83 different flavours can be detected when tasting Comté, but the main tastes are brown-butter and sweet, roasted nuts.

Montagnolo Affine (Cow) 150g 
A delicious multi-award winning, creamy blue cheese.  One of our most popular blues.

Manchego (Sheep) 150g
A wonderful sheeps’ milk cheese which is perfectly paired with sherry, port or a dry red wine.

Taleggio (Cow) 150g 
Taleggio is a washed-rind, smear-ripened Italian cheese.  It has a strong, pungent smell, but the taste is surprisingly mild & creamy - similar to Gorgonzola Dolce.
Brie de Meaux Donge (Cow) 150g
A delicious raw, soft unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Covered in a bloomy white rind. It has sweet, buttery flavours of mushrooms, truffles and almonds.

Cheese Accompaniments:

Peter's Yard Sourdough Charcoal & Rye Crispbread 105g