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French Cheese Board Set

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French Cheese Board Set

Our French cheese board set has four classic French cheeses to make the perfect cheese board.  This is a wonderful combination of cheese types, tastes & textures & is a great way to finish any meal.  Although strictly speaking you should have the cheese course before your the French do.

Our French cheese board set is suitable for up to 8 people as a dessert course, or 4 people as the main event.

Individual cheeses are wrapped in wax paper & packed in a kraft box with tasting notes.


Brie de Meaux Donge (Cow) 200g
A delicious raw, soft unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Covered in a bloomy white rind. It has sweet, buttery flavours of mushrooms, truffles and almonds.

Comté AOC Petit Fort (Cow) 200g
Arguably the most amazing cheese in the world.  A total of 83 different flavours can be detected when tasting Comté, but the main tastes are brown-butter and sweet, roasted nuts.

Epoisse du Bourgogne (Cow) 150g
A soft cheese with a creamy but chewy texture and a distinctive stinky, sticky, wrinkly rind!

Rothbury Red (Cow) 150g

An authentic red Leicester – bright and orangy-red in colour, sweet and tangy in flavour.

Cheese Accompaniments:

Peter's Yard Original Crispbread 105g

The Perfect Cheese Board 

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